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2018 Castaic Fishing Map, Fishing Report, local Hunting Clubs, private fishing nearby

Castaic Fishing Map and 2018 fishing Report, How to fish Castaic, and info on Hunting Clubs nearby


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Castaic Lake is a reservoir formed by Castaic Dam on Castaic Creek, in the Sierra Pelona Mountains 
  • Inflow: Castaic Creek
  • Surface elevation: 457.2 Meter
  • Outflow: Castaic Creek


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Depth is the key right now, at least 10 feet. Using brownish spoons and jigs is the most effective for largemouths and scattering of small mouth bass. Stripers are more spread out, its best to troll using an umbrella rig with shad look a likes. Catfish seems to be very slow right now.
The good news is trout are going to be planted this week.


Known for it big bass, Lake Castaic has a two-fish, 18- inch minimum size limit, and sometimes you can take one or two 10 pounders a trip. Finesse plastic worm methods are now mandatory to  catch fish here as well as live waterdogs and large  trout imitation lures are decent options as well.  As our fishing map shows, Lake Castaic is located roughly 45 miles north of Los Angeles on I-5. Take the Lake Hughes turnoff to the main entrance. 
 The lake is open year round, except Christmas Day, from sunrise to sunset. Subject to high winds during the spring months, the launch ramps may be closed at times.  
Our fishing report shows that Spring fishing for striped bass and largemouths extends through mid- summer from late April. Stripers may respond to trout plants, or else follow the shad balls following the baitfish spawn. Black bass nesting begins in earnest in late April, but when the water is high, the fish tend to stay shallow. 
Best Methods: Largemouths less than 4 pounds caught mostly on 4-inch plastic worms; Green weenies, light browns, and smoke and purple variations all seem to work. Carolina or dropshot rigs seem to get most of the bites. Stripers like the big trout plugs, or may hit bucktail jigs or Rattletraps when the fish are chasing shad. 
Stripers are still part of the fish  population.  Furthermore, stripers, including fish to nearly 40 pounds, on the good weeks,  anglers may take three to seven fish from  8 to 17 pounds.
LARGEMOUTHS!  More fishing reports have shown that May and June are two of the very best months for catching bass at Castaic, most of the bass are going to be in less than 15 feet of water, and that’s an advantage for anglers. The shallower fish are mostly 1 to 4 pounders.  Any brush that is inundated, or lacking that, they will hang around rock outcroppings or ledges. And since there is really very  little organic sniff in the water, most of  the fish hang around some kind of bottom change or lip on a rock face.  That’s one of the reasons why lure selection here is so narrow.
Plastic worms are the first choice, and everything else is secondary. The  only thing you might want to alter is  your rig. Use our fishing map to see  Slalom Cove and Red Clay Cove which both  have water with a tinge of color; still, the  fish are more willing to hit lighter  line, as they see lots of baits during this  busy time of year as the bigger bass are not very willing to come up on the banks.  Use out fishing map to look for points and ridges where the  water may come up as shallow as 8 or 10 feet.
Castaic’s  remaining trophy bass have  proven to be roamers, so they  station close to open water  where they can forage on  planted trout, and whether using live  waterdogs or a soft plastic  imitation try  casting over into 60 feet and  working up the slope, keeping  in contact with the bottom all  the time.

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